Microsoft Dynamics CRM Is A Customer Relationship Management Software

Microsoft dynamics customer relation management software is an IIS-based web application, with a client-server architecture This can be accessed via Internet Explorer versions 6 and up. Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports the activities of sales and marketing as well as help desk. Microsoft also claims that its proprietary technologies, based on.Net Framework can be used to enhance this product so it can support other related activities. Microsoft’s CRM software is intended to be used by business partners as an XRM Platform to perform activities that go beyond the typical customer-centric activities. This CRM software has four versions available for both clients and partners. Upward compatibility allows the clients to switch easily from one version to another as their needs change.

Microsoft dynamics CRM comes in only a few different languages. It also integrates well with Microsoft products such as MS office and Microsoft Windows Small Business server. This CRM application is easy to customize to fit the user’s needs and can integrate third-party tools for added features. Dynamics CRM can also be easily customized internally. Work flow and forms can be tailored to suit the user’s needs. Custom objects and custom work flows can support additional activities. The application can even send E-mails or raise alarms when a new step is needed in an activity. You can manage your email campaigns easily, and track responses. Service scheduling helps you with all of the activities, including logging, dispatching, tracking, and following-up.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s main components are the MSSQL database and web services layer. It also includes plug-ins, reporting services, a processor for ad hoc secure queries in XML format, and Query processor. The SDK included with the software builds upon the platform to allow for customization and integration. Web services layer controls the communication of applications with the database. It is developed for enhanced functionality. Server platform creates domain specific objects, and provides building blocks to the application. Microsoft exchange server processes the incoming and outgoing E mails.

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