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Reishi mushroom has amazing benefits for your health

Reishi mushrooms date back to more than 4000 BC, when they were considered an excellent herb which improved memory, immunity, strength, durability, energy, and health. Reishi mushrooms, which were also called the ganoderma lucidum (by Asian rulers), was sought out by members of their court. You can see anchor text on our website. Click Soulcybin to read more.

Chinese thought they were the cure for all ailments. Reishi was considered food by the Gods in Rome. Reishi’s health benefits are known since the beginning of time, in fact as far as 206 B.C. Reishi mushrooms were associated with happiness, good-health and long-term health. Reishi is an ancient Chinese tradition that was illustrated in numerous fairy tales. Even though many people in the East have come to realize the remarkable health and wellness benefits associated with mushrooms, Western civilization has not yet discovered them.

The early 1970s were the first time that the scientific community began to study the healing potential of reishi. Researchers at Kyoto University used controlled cultivation to grow reishi mushrooms. However, the standard Reishi wasn’t sufficient for experimental evaluation. Reishi was found to be one species by the researchers.

It was revealed that each of the six colours could be cultivated from the same genetic source. Reishi mushrooms are bio-active, have anti-tumour properties and stimulate the immune system. Reishi mushrooms have adaptogenic properties and can treat many diseases.