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What You Should Know About Hardwood Flooring Installation by Professionals

Hardwood floors can be installed properly and maintained to transform any space in your house or office. The right flooring installation chicago can complement any decor style, from rustic to elegant. Proper installation and maintenance are key to ensuring they will last decades, if not centuries. Hardwood flooring is easier to maintain and lasts longer than carpeting or linoleum. A wood flooring company specializing in hardwood installation will provide you with the highest quality products, the most skilled craftsmanship and ensure your floors last for many years.

Material of High Quality

The quality of the wood that you install is just as important for the look and feel of the floor. The softness of high quality wood is indicative that it’s strong and somewhat flexible. A wood of lower quality might be cheaper, but is more likely to warp, splinter and fade when exposed to water or liquids. Only reputable installation companies use high-quality materials. You can ask them to help you choose the best type of wood for your house, based on its climate and geographical conditions. They’ll also be able to accommodate any situation, preference, or size.

High-Quality Installation

Three main hardwood flooring installation methods exist: Floating installation, Nail-down Installation and Glue-down Installation. Each method of installation has pros and cons. Professional technicians can help you determine the best installation method for your house based on your specific needs. Moisture testing is also done in order to ensure that the installation will go smoothly. This applies to engineered wood strips, solid strips of wood, or parquet. Professional installation services will install floors in a neat and professional manner.

Use for Long-term

Hardwood flooring is a great investment. Hardwood floors can last decades, and sometimes even longer with proper care. This is something to consider when weighing up the pros and cons of hardwood flooring. If you are looking to make the most of your floor, it is important that you install them correctly. Professionals also know how important it is to secure planks and floor floats correctly, as well as nail them in place, so that the wood flooring will be smooth and durable. Your floors are something that you will use daily. No one can do a better job than professionals at installing your floors to make them look and feel their best.

Many projects in the home can be considered a “do-it-yourself” project. Hardwood floor installation, however, isn’t one of those projects. You cannot trust anyone else to install your floors. They are too valuable. You’ll agree once you see the beautiful hardwood flooring.