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How Do you Pick wild Mushrooms?

Whenever I am going to mushroom pick and hunt, I rise early. I do this as soon the sun comes up. In order to bring lunch with me, I also prepare coffee and some sandwiches. A mushroom hunt is usually a lengthy task and I get hungry after two hours outside in fresh air. Grab my organized tools from the evening before, and get started. Take my breakfast with you and have it on your travels. Visit this site self transformation.

This is a smart idea to start your mushroom hunt as soon as you can. In the early morning, you will be able to see edible mushrooms in daylight and smell them. The other mushroom pickers won’t bother you, and after lunch you are done. This leaves the entire afternoon free for cleaning up as well preparing mushrooms.

Then, when I reach the chosen woods I start to look around at the trees. When I get to the pines and spruces, I look at their tops. They are covered with fine pine and Spruce needles. A few times, I notice green moss. Inspecting such areas with moss is a good idea as it provides more moisture for mushrooms. It is important to look out for the mushroom caps that are convex. Most edible wild pore fungi will have convex-shaped caps. This mushroom will have a brown tint ranging from light yellow-brownish all the way to dark brown. In pine forests, you will find more of the typical wild mushroom with dark brown convex caps.

I now walk to oak trees or shrubs in search of convex caps of these colours. In the woods, there is usually an abundance of foliage on the ground. That can make it difficult for the mushrooms to be seen. It is important to keep my eyes on the ground. Flip the foliage around if you think there are mushrooms. The wild mushrooms that grow between oaks are often more abundant and have light or dark brown caps.