When you are Still at the Used Car Dealership, Inspect Your Vehicle’s Exterior

It is important to inspect the outside of the car when shopping for a used vehicle, regardless if it is at a traditional dealer or a Buy Here Pay Here Miami dealership. We will not discuss testing the vehicle or looking under the hood, even though car buyers should do so. Because they have older vehicles that need a more thorough inspection, we are focusing on buy here pay now dealers. The reason for this is that many of the cars they sell are from auctions, which means their quality can vary a lot. To get the best car at the lowest price, customers should use minor visible flaws as leverage to lower the price or leave the vehicle altogether if they are no longer interested.

First, walk around your vehicle and look for any rust spots or other eye-catching signs that will show you how the car was handled.

When repairing major accidents, the mechanics will often only fix the side of the car and not the top. This is a sign that the accident was significant but may not have been fully repaired.

The quality of your wiper blades can also be a good indicator as to how old and used the car is.

Tip # 4: Look for exterior gaps near doors, hoods and trunks. If they are not normal, it could be a sign of a high-end accident.

Look for spots with different colors of paint. This indicates that bodywork was done. This could be from an accident or overspray on the body (like paint in areas that shouldn’t have paint).

Sixth tip: If the vehicle’s headlights and mirrors match, it could indicate a minor or major accident based on damage.

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